Welcome to the “Lebendige Stadt” Foundation

Our objective is to play an active role in shaping the future of our towns and cities – by promoting cultural life, science and research, the conservation of cultural values, and the preservation of protected buildings. Our cities provide people with places to live and places to work – and should be alive with trade and cultural activity. Our aim is to preserve this variety and diversity. For ourselves and for our children. The nonprofit “Lebendige Stadt” Foundation (“Lebendige Stadt” translates to “vibrant city” in English) has taken up this challenge.


The climate-friendly city | September 19 - 20 | Biosphäre, Potsdam
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Foundation Award 2018

The digital City »

Conference 2017

Culture meets urban development
September 27-28
Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg »

Foundation Award 2017

The Most Vibrant Twinning Partnership »
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